About Dennis

Just a brief bio….I was born and raised in South Carolina. I’ve loved music all my life. At a very young age I knew Music would be my calling.

I started writing songs at age 12 and began my professional career by age 15, traveling with the” U.S. Male Band” during the mid-70s. By the late 70s, I’d moved on to having the pleasure of traveling with the “Eastern Seaboard Band.”

In the early 80s I became one of the founding members of the “Lightnin West Band” Our first album was a great mix of music including five of my original songs. We traveled the road doing shows with, John Anderson, Johnny Paycheck, David Allen Coe, Marshall Tucker, Steve Warner, and many others, Just to name a few.

Currently I’m staying a little closer to home, mainly on the east coast. I’m doing a lot of Benefits lately for our friends who have lost loved ones, or have economic hardships. I tend to get a great blessing from being able to help others in need. I also have some great venues scheduled to play in 2013. Keep watching for my postings, and events as to where we’ll be.

For any additional information or how you can schedule us to play at your Venue, Special Event, Private Party, Pig Pickin, Benefit, Night Club, Music Festivals, Outdoor Concerts, Spring Fling, Fall Festivals, Music on Main (in your home town), Bike Rally, or just about anywhere else where people appreciate good music.

Contact me at Dennis.Solesbee@aol.com

Over the years I’ve continued to stay true to my original work. During my downtime, I’ve been in and out of the recording studio working on another CD to be débuted in 2013. (What a hard thing to do) look for my links of my original music I’ve posted on  my fb page.

Benefit for “Big Boy” Fowler @ Casar City Park November 30, 2013

This is the entire video set from Dennis Solesbee:

Dennis Solesbee – Crying Time (November 23, 2013 @ Casar City Park – Benefit for “Big Boy” Fowler)

November 30, 2013 Benefit for Big Boy Fowler @ Casar City Park

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Song Samplers

Here are some tunes that have my own brand behind them. Hope you like them:

For Your Listening Pleasure

Here’s a couple of tunes from Lightning West Band: